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Gutters perform an important role in protecting your property. They do this by directing the rain and water away from your property. We give you the top signs your gutters need replacing.

Knowing when the time has come to replace your gutters is important because the type of problems that affect your gutters and downpipes will become worse over time. This will lead to more expensive repair work.

The four top signs to look out for as follows:

Peeling paint

As well as being unsightly this can also, indicate a more serious issue with some types of gutters. Steel gutters are coated to help protect them from the moisture that can cause them to rust if the paint is beginning to peel off this could indicate that moisture damage has already begun to occur on the gutters themselves.

Cracks and Splits

Big or small, cracks and splits need dealing with straight away. Small cracks may not seem that big of a problem, but they can grow over time, particularly in the winter months when the water will turn to ice inside the crack and expand, causing the crack to split open wider.

Water damage around or beneath the gutters

You may spot stains, mould or peeling paint on the exterior walls. These are all signs that your gutters need replacement sooner rather than later

Sagging gutters

Are the gutters sagging or pulling away from the fascia’s, this can be caused by a build of up debris, which if left, over time can become very heavy and cause your gutters to come away from the fascias – this can be resolved by having them cleaned and repaired and may result in not need replacing.
Another reason could be due to incorrect sizing or not enough support from the gutter hangers. If this is the case, they probably need replacing.


Functioning gutters are crucial to your property and its protection. Make sure you take notice of the signs mentioned above to keep your property in the best condition possible.


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